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2 families kicked out of village. Pastors minister amid foes. Muslim finds Christ through broadcast



  • Two Christian families were recently kicked out of their village due to their faith in Jesus Christ. Twice, the families were brought before the village council where, in the presence of police officers, government authorities and radical Hindu leaders, they were pushed to reconvert to Hinduism. When the families stood firm in their faith, village leaders banned them from the village. Pray that these families are able to find new homes and remain strong in their faith, and pray that their former village comes to faith in Christ as well.

FOUR PASTORS SERVE AMONG FOES [5] prayers in [1] nation have been posted for Ishaku, Emmanuel, Gideon, and Emmanuel. Facebook Twitter Share this prayer request Pastors Ishaku Manawa, Emmanuel Mamuda, Emmanuel Maigari and Gideon Mutum work to advance God's kingdom in Borno and Kaduna states, Nigeria, bearing a bold witness for Christ despite intense persecution. Pastors Manawa and Mamuda have endured multiple encounters with Boko Haram, some of which have resulted in relocation because of the attacks. Pastor Maigari was held captive by militant Islamic Fulanis for more than a month, during which he was tortured and threatened. And Pastor Mutum has received multiple death threats from Fulani militants as well. Even so, these pastors continue sharing the gospel and serving their churches despite the risk. “They have all faced persecution and stayed faithful to serving the local church and the Lord Jesus Christ,” a front-line worker shared. Pray for their safety as they minister.

Muslim Woman Finds Christ Through Christian Broadcast

[5] prayers in [1] nation have been posted for Mina.

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Mina was a devoted Muslim, but one night, she had a dream encouraging her to read John chapter 15. Though Mina didn’t understand the dream at the time, she watched a Christian TV broadcast a few days later, and the hosts read passages from the book of John. Mina immediately reached out to the broadcast and asked for a Bible of her own, eventually trusting in Christ. Pray that Mina’s faith continues to grow, and pray for the continued effectiveness of Christian media in Iran.

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