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#33 in Christian persecution, Indonesia


Country rank 33Last year’s rank 28Region AsiaPopulation 279 135 000Christians 34 185 000Main Religion Islam 33Indonesia Indonesia has taken on a more conservative Islamic character in recent years, which can put pressure on Christians, especially those from Muslim backgrounds. Indonesians brought up as Muslims who become Christians will likely face disapproval, intense pressure to return to Islam, verbal abuse and possibly social isolation. In some cases, families will withdraw all support, and married women may keep their new faith secret to avoid the threat of their husbands divorcing them. Some women are faced with lots of psychological abuse, including death threats, for practising Christianity. Thanks to effective anti-terror police, physical violence towards Christians by Islamic extremists is not common, but many new Christians in Indonesia will seek to leave their home community and relocate somewhere else to get away from the harassment. If a church is seen to be preaching and spreading the Gospel, they soon run into opposition from Islamic extremist groups, especially in rural areas. In some regions of Indonesia, non-traditional churches struggle to get permission for church buildings, with the authorities often ignoring their paperwork. Meet “Doni” “My mum tried to compel me to return to Islam. She hid the rice so that my family and I could not eat. Support from Open Doors provided us a new place to live and capital to start a business. Thank you. You have no idea how precious your help is to me.” Doni, a believer from a Muslim background, disapproved of by his family. Please pray:

  • For a more open and tolerant society towards Christians in Indonesia.

  • That God would comfort those rejected by their own families for His sake.

  • For the Open Doors team helping displaced Christians find new homes and jobs.

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