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#34 in Christian persecution, Qatar

Qatar Christians in Qatar fall into two categories: expat Christians and converts from Islam to Christianity. Expat Christians form the largest group and are mostly migrant workers from Asia and Africa. They are not free to openly practice their faith, and telling a Muslim about Jesus can lead to prosecution and deportation. Expat churches are closely monitored and only a select number of churches have been allowed to establish buildings. Many migrant workers Christian faith adds to their vulnerability. Converts from Islam to Christianity face more severe persecution, including discrimination, harassment and police monitoring. Conversion from Islam is not officially recognised. Most converts are foreign workers, and they often live within their own national or ethnic communities. They typically experience the same pressure they would in their home countries. Qatari believers are few in number and keep their faith secret. They face intense pressure and bullying from their own families. Almost all Qatari Christians converted abroad, and most of them do not return to the country out of fear.

Please pray

  • For secret believers in the Arabian Peninsula. Ask God to strengthen their faith and make His presence known, even when they cannot reveal their faith to anyone else.

  • Thank God for the growing number of Christians in the Arabian Peninsula. Pray that the culture would shift to become more tolerant towards them.

  • For protection for Christian migrant workers who face mistreatment at the hands of their employers.

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