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Feb. 08, 2024 | Cuba

[10] prayers in [2] nations have been posted for Cuban Christians.

The atheistic Communist government in Cuba has enacted a new law intended to control the online spread of misinformation, especially that which is related to the country's reputation, national security, revolution, government leaders and ideology. Christians in Cuba have reported concerns about the law's enforcement as the government has defined "misinformation" broadly and indicated that it will prosecute violators with heavy scrutiny. Some have reported instances of government prosecution simply for sharing Bible verses in social media posts, which the government then interpreted as a threat to the regime. Read More.

·         Feb. 08, 2024 | Middle East

[7] prayers in [1] nation have been posted for Zara.

In 2015, Zara, then 19, was abducted and horribly abused for several days by her kidnappers. Her entire Muslim family had become followers of Christ, and some Muslim extremists wanted to punish them. "They told her what they were doing was not a sin," said a front-line worker, "but that it was their religious obligation because of her conversion to Christianity." After her kidnappers released her, Zara and her family eventually fled to another country, but they continue

to struggle. Read More.

·         Feb. 08, 2024 | Laos

[7] prayers in [1] nation have been posted for Phet and his family.

Phet, 71, and his wife placed their trust in Christ in 2005. As a veteran of the Laotian army with more than 30 years of service, Phet is entitled to a government pension but was denied it. The commander said he would approve the pension if Phet would recant his faith. Phet answered, "My family and I, we already accepted Christ, and we could not turn back to worship the ghost spirits any longer." His wife and children agreed, saying, "God, our Father, will take care of us." Phet's family experienced increasing persecution in their village, and the police took their family registration book, which holds important records such as birth and marriage certificates, educational records, and work permits. Read More.


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