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Church Elder murdered. Believers threatened with expulsion. Pastor dies after 3rd attack on Church.

On June 12, 2023, Ibrahim Saidou was traveling to buy farm supplies when he decided to visit the church where he served as an elder. Ibrahim lived in an area of Burkina Faso where Islamic terrorist groups associated with the self-proclaimed Islamic State (ISIS) actively work to establish purely Muslim territory ruled by Islamic law. These groups regularly attack churches and Christian leaders. On his way to the church, Ibrahim was attacked and murdered by a group of Islamic militants. Fearing that they would also be killed, his wife, Esther, and her six children, ages 5 to 22, were forced to flee the area. Esther is struggling with questions about why her husband was killed and has asked for prayer to remain strong in the Lord.


Oudong and his wife, Lae, placed their trust in Christ in May 2023, becoming the first Christians in their village. Two weeks after their conversion, the village head came to their home and told them to stop worshiping Jesus Christ because Buddhism and animism were the only religions permitted in the village. The couple, along with their four children, began to travel two hours each way to gather in worship and fellowship with believers in another city, but this did not satisfy the authorities. In September, the village head told Oudong that his family must leave the village. Front-line workers are intervening to try to keep the family from being expelled and to assist them in attending church for encouragement and fellowship.


Pastor Gangireddy died in July after an attack on July 8 from burns he suffered. The church continues to face pressure from Hindu radicals, who have planted signs in front of the church with slogans like “Born a Hindu, Die a Hindu.” This attack was the third against the church, which Pastor Gangireddy planted 20 years ago. Amid much opposition, Pastor Gangireddy stayed in the village and faithfully shared the gospel until his death. Members of the church have remained strong despite all that has happened and are standing with the family. Pray for emotional and spiritual recovery and ongoing faithfulness for his wife, Shanta, and their children. Ask God to strengthen the church despite the opposition they face.

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