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Fighting "mobocracy"

Dear friends, I trust that all of you are doing well and I’m certainly glad to be back with all of you🙂. We live in so called democracies where everyone has equal rights but the majority opinion prevails. We console ourselves by telling ourselves that that’s just the way things are. The world believes that all religions are the same and that all paths lead to God when we know it’s a lie (Acts 4:12, John 14:6). Perversity is condoned and legalized as “alternate lifestyle” when we know God has and still condemns it (Genesis 19, 1 Corinthians 6:9-10). Criminals and illegals are rewarded while law-abiding citizens are scorned as greedy thugs and selfish. Illegals would be legalized but investors and legal residents are harassed. Scripture is distorted to mean that the poor and downtrodden are righteous (many wrongly quote Luke 6:20) while in reality it’s the “poor in spirit” who shall inherit the kingdom of God (Matthew 5:3). Confessing and preaching the gospel is condemned as elitism or flaming while proclaiming pagan philosophies and religions is praised as tolerance and sophistication.

The Bible clears tells us that we “Christians” are in a minority and the majority will always oppose us (2 Timothy 3:12). Christians are labelled racist, hateful, bigoted, intolerant, illiterate, gun toting war-mongers. Maybe some of the events in recent history may have created this misconception among the majority (the crusades in the mid-centuries certainly didn’t help). Unless you have a law or business degree from an Ivy League school you’re a nobody and are not smart. Well, I have a PhD have taught, published and reviewed/edited for 23 years and I’m proud to call myself a Christian because I bear His Name (Romans 10:9). How do we Christians fightback in face of such “mobocracy” which masquerades as democracy?

Please turn with me to Luke 4:14-29. This is the well-known and expounded passage of scripture narrating the rejection of the Lord Jesus Christ in his hometown Nazareth. The people were furious that He claimed to be God’s Son and the promised Messiah (Luke 4:28). They were so mad at Him that they drove Him to the edge of a cliff to kill Him. But He walked right through the crowd. How was this possible? How could one Man wade through a violent mob? The answer to that is in Luke 4:14. The Lord Jesus was in the “Power of the Holy Spirit.” We can’t take on this world in our strength. We can’t rely on law-enforcement agencies and our judiciaries to help us for there are very few saints in such agencies. The world weeps when a criminal is shot but totally ignore the plight of terror victims. Our help in such times indeed comes from the Lord (Psalm 121:1). The Apostle Paul who was left for dead after a stoning (Acts 14:19) simply got up and walked back into town (Acts 14:10)! Such power only comes from the Holy Spirit.

As law abiding citizens we should use all legal measures to protect our rights. But ultimately none of these may truly help for there is no power that even remotely equals the Power of the Most High God. Amen.

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Praise God! And I put my faith in Him to trust Him in all things.

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