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Former sheik works for Christ. Father and daughter stand alone in faith. Seeking permit for Church.

Sep. 07, 2023 | Ethiopia Former Muslim Sheikh Sells Pineapples for Christ [10] prayers in [1] nation have been posted for Abdu. Abdu grew up wanting to be an Islamic scholar, so he attended schools focusing solely on the Quran. After studying the Quran for 15 years, he became an Islamic teacher. But in 2022, he met an old friend who had become a follower of Christ. The friend shared the gospel with Abdu on numerous occasions, and Abdu began to question his beliefs. Eventually, Abdu put his faith in Christ. His enthusiasm for teaching the Quran waned, and local Islamic leaders noticed. Read More.

  • Sep. 07, 2023 | India Faithful Father and Daughter Stand Alone [6] prayers in [1] nation have been posted for Drithi. On November 25, 2022, Drithi was worshipping with about 25 other believers when the service was interrupted by a group demanding that the congregation members return to Hinduism. Many of the believers were beaten, including Drithi and her father. Because of this event, 14 of the families returned to Hinduism, leaving Drithi and her father as the only believers. Read More.

  • Sep. 07, 2023 | Turkey Congregation Seeks Approval to Establish Place of Worship [6] prayers in [1] nation have been posted for Place of Worship. Christians in eastern Turkiye are often isolated with limited opportunities to fellowship openly with other followers of Christ. But a small Protestant church in eastern Turkiye, in an area close to the Syrian border populated mainly by Kurds and some Syrians and Iranians, has developed a good relationship with a long-standing Orthodox church. Its leaders are willing to allow the young church to repurpose one of their dilapidated buildings, but doing so will require the approval of local officials. Read More.

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