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From drugs and drink to new life. Pray for Cameroon.


Abnober is from Colombia. He grew up in a broken home where his father was a heavy drinker. Aged 12, he got involved with the wrong crowd. Drugs and alcohol became his comfort.

His parents sent him to the Children’s Centre, run with your support. He returned home a year later a different Abnober. Such was the transformation that his mother began living out her faith more fearlessly and his father became a Christian.

But, as often happens to Christians in Colombia, the family’s bold expression of their faith has led to persecution – Abnober’s mother lost her job and his father has received death threats.


  • That the Lord will protect Abnober and his family and provide work for his family

  • For continued wisdom and energy for all those running the Children’s Centre, and that everyone at the centre will have a wonderful Christmas

  • That God will do amazing things in all children at the centre, leading them to say with Abnober, “God is good to me and I know that He's with me.”


Whilst Christianity is the majority religion in Cameroon, attacks by the militant Islamist group Boko Haram have escalated in the north in recent years. Radicalisation is increasing in predominantly Muslim parts of the country.

Converts to Christianity from Islam also face persecution. When Abdul* decided to follow Christ, he encountered severe opposition – including being kidnapped, threatened and falsely accused. “Locals hate someone who was a Muslim and now has become a Christian,” he says. Sharing their Christian faith, even to family members, exposes them to grave risk.

Women who convert to Christianity are particularly vulnerable and can be coerced into marriage with non-Christians, as well as face the danger of abduction by Boko Haram.

A prayer for Cameroon

Heavenly Father, thwart the plans of those seeking to do evil in Cameroon and give people the insight and boldness to resist radicalisation. Comfort and heal all believers affected by militant attacks, and provide for their needs. Encourage and empower converts under pressure for their new faith. Protect Christian women and lead all to families and communities of refuge and love. Strengthen Your church in Cameroon and bring peace to the nation. Amen.

*Name changed

With many thanks for your prayers.

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