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From Shaman to evangelist. Sent home to die after beating. Faith causes loss of livelihood.

Idrissa had mastered the mystical arts of his region. He regularly mixed occultic enchantments with Muslim traditions to cast spells upon people. But when a Christian evangelist visited his town and Idrissa tried to cast an evil spell on the minister, it had no effect. “When I encountered the power of Jesus Christ, I was very surprised to see that this power has no comparison,” he said. Idrissa later spoke with the evangelist, who explained the gospel to him and gave him an audio Bible. God’s Word transformed Idrissa’s life. “The Lord Jesus started to change me, and I started to hate mystical and devilish things, and started to repent of all the sins I had done,” he said. He has since learned to read and write, attended a Bible school, and now serves in ministry.


Pastor Rajan is an impoverished day laborer with three children, ages 2, 7 and 13. He also pastors four house churches. During a church service at his father’s house, local members of Hindu nationalist groups burst in and beat him severely. They had him arrested and paid the police to beat him as well. He was eventually released, but he was in such bad shape that he was unconscious for a day and a half. He suffered a few fractured ribs and severe bruising. Pastor Rajan was released from the hospital in June, but he has multiple brain bleeds that cannot be repaired surgically, and the doctors expect him to die.

Click here to find out about Christian persecution in India and learn how to pray.

Brother Ismail was fired from his well-paid job when his employer discovered his faith in Jesus. He is trying to find a job to provide for his family, a challenging task in his predominately Muslim country. Ismail’s wife needs medications for a chronic illness, which is an especially large burden for the couple since losing their income source. Please pray for Ismail to find a new job and for his wife’s health to improve.

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