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Government restrictions for believers in India. Prayers for Ethiopia.

On 28 September, the Indian government passed the Foreign Contribution Regulations Act, regulating how NGOs can work in the country.

The Voluntary Action Network India (VANI) has said the bill will make it virtually impossible for NGOs to function.

Heena*, an Open Doors local partner, shared, “Considering that most of the Christian organisations and churches are registered as NGOs, this new bill is targeted especially at Christian mission organisations which had been operating for a long time in coalition with international churches and organisations, and often get its funding from outside India.”

Open Doors works through local church partners in India, and is therefore not directly affected. However, our partners continue to need our prayers given the new level of scrutiny this bill creates.

Read more about the background and impact of this new bill.

*Name changed for security reasons


That mission organisations and churches registered as NGOs in India will continue to flourish despite the challenges presented by the new bill

For a change in perception where Christian activity and giving are viewed with suspicion

For continued strength, protection and wisdom for Open Doors partners serving in India.


Christians are the majority religion in Ethiopia (60 per cent of 110 million population), but still face persecution from the government, radical Muslims, tribal religions and even the Ethiopia Orthodox Church which considers itself the only ‘true’ denomination.

Christians can be denied access to communal resources, ostracised by their neighbours, or attacked by extremists. Those living in rural areas are especially at risk.

The coronavirus has further exposed Christians to vulnerability. Many have been deliberately overlooked in the distribution of government aid, whilst the cancellation of church services has deprived pastors of income and prevented churches from supporting the neediest amongst them.

Read more about what life is like for Christians in Ethiopia.

A prayer for Ethiopia

Dear Father, thank You that Open Doors has been able to serve those in desperate need due to Covid-19. May aid continue to reach those struggling to survive. Halt the spread of Covid-19 and provide ways for churches to safely meet again. Strengthen and protect those at risk of persecution, and show all perpetrators that Christianity is not a threat but an invitation to know the risen Lord who loves them dearly. Amen.

With many thanks for your prayers,

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