How do you hold onto hope in Syria?

Updated: Nov 4, 2019

opendoorsusa Thanks to you, Jina and Apo know they are not alone.



It's been six years since Jina (pictured) last saw her husband, Rober. He was kidnapped in 2013, two years after they were married - targeted because he is a Christian. Since then, Jina has been raising their son, Apo, in Aleppo alone.

Despite the heartache and the uncertainty, Jina hasn’t lost hope that Rober will come back - that’s what she prays every day. “My faith in God is very big. I say to Him: ‘O Lord as you like, may Your will be done; O Lord, I just ask you to return my husband safe and sound.’” 

And, thanks to you, she and Apo are being supported by a church that operates as a Centre of Hope in Aleppo, run by Open Doors partner Pastor Abdalla. He and his church can’t guarantee Rober’s return but, thanks to your ongoing support and prayers, they can stand by Jina and Abraham while they wait.

Find out how you are helping to keep hope alive for Jina and Apo, and hear more of their story, in this video.


For strength and encouragement for Jina and Apo, and for the safe return of Rober For our brothers and sisters across Syria, for protection and hope and the opportunity to share the light of Christ. Thank God for the 16 Centres of Hope delivering help to vulnerable people in Syria through the local church, and pray that the vision of opening another 20 can be achieved.

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