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Deuteronomy 5:7 (NIV)

You shall have no other gods before Me.

It's easy to stay away from idols and fake gods. However, there is one idol none of us may recognize because it's embedded deep within us, i.e., ourselves.  Consciously or otherwise all of us are in love with ourselves. Letting go of this narcissistic idol which is our right to ourselves is the ultimate test of being free from the sin of idolatry.

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What makes you think I'm in the Middle East?


Happy New Year! Are you in the Middle East?


"see no need for Jesus".


Happy New Year Hal🙂. Yes, the best way to share the gospel is to be direct. It will certainly offend some, but at least a few will be saved.

Yes, it's almost impossible to witness to someone who is so full of self that they Dee no need for Jesus. We can only pray for such souls.


So true! I was just realizing a few months ago that while people have so many religions, like a familiar one we normally think of for many, there are the numerous religions such as Sports, or Cars, or Money. Or Political Ideology. There's a common one!

But definitely another is Self.

It's a great question of how do you talk to someone lost about salvation from their sins, if their religion is that they are perfect?......

Maybe best is to just go right to the truth about that in a very simple way: "....all have sinned, all have fallen short of the Glory of God"...

Would that help you think, for someone feeling so sure that they themselves are "a…

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