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Mob attack in Pakistan.

Our family in Pakistan is asking for urgent prayer after a mob of Muslim extremists attacked a Christian community and burned down several churches and homes. More than 15 churches were attacked—and even a cemetery was destroyed. Christians also report that Bibles were burned during the violence.

The mob violence took place in the city of Jaranwala after two Christians were accused of blasphemy. Believers in the community watched in horror as hundreds of people stormed the neighborhood. Many Christians were forced to flee.The details—and how you can prayOur brothers and sisters are asking for urgent prayer. Pray for the victims of the violence, as well as those forced to flee. Pray for the authorities in Pakistan, that they would pursue justice. Ask God to change the hearts of the perpetrators.

And pray for Pakistani Christians who live in a place where daily pressure is a fact of life. Ask God to encourage His people in Pakistan today as they seek to live for Him in such a hard place to follow Jesus.

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