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Nigerian urgently asks for prayer for his country.

A Release International partner in Nigeria has messaged us, asking for urgent prayer for his country and particularly vulnerable Christian communities that have recently come under attack.

‘Please pray for our country Nigeria and [particularly] for Plateau state and also some parts of Benue state where the Fulani herdsmen have recently been fighting the communities,’ he said.

‘Many are recorded dead and many more are displaced. In the Mangu area of Plateau state, a curfew has been imposed by the state government.’

He added that the federal Government had deployed the army in these communities to try to restore peace.


Thank God that the wife and son of the late Chinese Christian lawyer Dr Li Baiguang have made it to safety in the US.

Dr Li, who defended the religious freedom and human rights of ordinary citizens, died at the age of 49 under suspicious circumstances in China in 2018.

His wife and son, Hanmei ‘Hannah’ Xu and Qingxin ‘Pure Heart’ Li, are presently seeking asylum, according to our partners, ChinaAid and Voice of the Martyrs Korea.

‘Since Dr Li’s sudden death in early 2018, his wife has been closely controlled and monitored without freedom of movement by agents arranged by the Communist Party of China in order to prevent her from having contact with anyone overseas,’ said Bob Fu, head of ChinaAid.

ChinaAid also reports that several leaders of the Golden Lampstand Church in Linfen who have been falsely accused of fraud will go on trial on August 21.

Chinese authorities used dynamite and heavy machinery to destroy the church’s building in 2018.

This faithful house church has steadfastly refused to join the government-sanctioned church and as a result the congregation has faced intense persecution.

Pastor Wang Xiaoguang and his wife Pastor Yang Rongli (pictured) have been detained for more than two years. They are said to be weak in their health but still pray for each other in prison and miss each other greatly.


  • Pray for an end to the violence in northern and central Nigeria, particularly Plateau and Benue states

  • Ask God to comfort all those bereaved, injured or displaced by the recent attacks and pray that the military will be effective in stopping further violence

  • Thank God that Dr Li’s family have made it to safety in the US. Pray that they will be granted asylum

  • Praise God for the Golden Lampstand Church and the faith of leaders Wang Xiaoguang and Yang Rongli. Pray for recovery in their health and for justice to prevail at their trial in August

  • Pray for the acquittal and release of the many other detained believers in China

(Sources: ChinaAid; Release International partner; Voice of the Martyrs Korea)

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