Matthew 15:19 (NIV)

For out of the heart come...

I just had my annual physical today, ECG, blood work, and the works. As much as I thank the Lord that all is well, I'm even grateful for the eternal cure that Christ had wrought on an incurable yet immortal soul. Just as we change our prescription, cut back on sodium and cholesterol, exercise, and such, a man made in the image of God must do a periodic soul check. Just as high blood pressure or an inversion in an ECG warn us that something is wrong and require a course correction, symptoms such as an addiction to alcohol or pornography, unending lust for a married woman, or God forbid, this day and age, for a married man are warning signs that something is wrong with that soul and that eternal damnation awaits it. Christ is the only One who can make the soul and body of that person whole. Evangelical preaching should correlate spirituality with the physical realm for a soul to understand the eternal significance of Christ and his destiny.

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