Powerful dreams

Dear saints, I trust that the Lord had been keeping and prospering you. We’ve all had dreams, some good, and some not so much. What we may not be aware of is how God Almighty uses dreams to transform us and accomplish His will (Numbers 12:6). The American Heritage dictionary defines dreams as, “a series of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations occurring involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep.” This is somewhat different from hallucinating or daydreaming in the sense that we really have no control over what transpires in our dreams. Most dreams are also based on our life experiences, sort of a rerun, if you will. Psychologists attribute this to the subconscious. I’d like to attribute it to the Holy Spirit (Ezekiel 8:3, 11:24; Joel 2:28) Who uses powerful dreams to manifest God’s power through us to powerfully do His bidding. Only God can supplant dreams in our minds about places, people, things that we’ve never seen or been to before (Acts 16:9).

Let’s look at Genesis 28:10-22. Thus is the well documented dream that Jacob had as he was fleeing his brother Esau after cheating him off his birth-right (Genesis 27:41-46). One can only imagine how Jacob must have felt after receiving death threats from his brother through his mother. He was probably weak, exhausted and totally demoralized. Times of darkness, pain and suffering such as these are God’s opportunities to speak to an impoverished soul (Job 38-41). Prosperity may make us too busy to listen to God (Luke 12:13-21), but adversity always renders us docile and attentive (Acts 9:5). Jacob received a prophecy in his dream that was to change the destiny of all humankind, and pave the way for the Messiah (Matthew 1:1-17). Throughout all his subsequent adversities (Genesis 29-32) Jacob had the staying power (Hebrews 11:27) imparted by a powerful dream from the Omnipotent God. The power imparted by the dream and the inner workings of the Holy Spirit were so powerful that his brother, whom he had cheated, actually made peace with Jacob (Genesis 33:4). Powerful dreams can not only transform us, but even those around us.

The Lord Jesus had an uncluttered and God-centered mind (Romans 12:2. 1 Corinthians 2:16), and our Heavenly Father always communed with His only begotten Son through powerful dreams and visions (Matthew 3:16, Luke 10:18). He received Divine revelations (Matthew 17:1-3, 12), Divine power (Luke 22:43), and made powerful decisions (Luke 6:12-13) through such powerful dreams and visions (Luke 22:43). Even the Apostle Paul was called to Macedonia, when he was actually hoping to go to Asia, in a powerful dream (Acts 16:9).

Sweet dreams are for children, while Holy Ghost anointed powerful dreams are for saints. Keep dreaming saints and change the world around you.

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