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Pray for Pakistani Avidan and his children.

Avidan still remembers the terrible ordeal of being falsely accused of abducting his children, after his Muslim wife left him. And even today his life remains difficult and dangerous.

We met Avidan* and his children in February. Although brought up a Christian Avidan had accepted Islam to marry his wife. When she left him, his children chose to stay with him and Avidan felt called to turn back to Christ – even though he knew this would cause him so much trouble. He was hounded and abused by his neighbours, and he was eventually accused of kidnapping his daughter and sons.

Avidan was arrested and held in prison on false charges of taking his children. The authorities kept him locked up for months. It was a terrifying ordeal for him. Whilst in prison Avidan gave himself totally to Christ. He was finally freed and to this day Avidan has no idea who paid for his bail. But he believes that his true repentance was heard by God; and he believes the Lord was saying to him, ‘I will protect you when you come back to me.’

When he was released, his ex-wife said she no longer wanted the children as she had met a wealthy Muslim man and planned to remarry. The children said they were very happy as their father ‘was the hero of their lives.’

(Source: Christian Daily International-Morning Star News)

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