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Release International, India and Sudan

Children’s Prayer Sheet

It’s not only adults who can pray for our persecuted family. Every month we produce a prayer sheet aimed specifically for children. Each sheet has specific activities and prayers which will help children learn more about how persecution affects children in other countries. You can visit our Children’s Prayer Sheet page here.


Pray that believers will be a strong witness to God’s love for Sudan amid the current conflict, a power struggle between two prominent generals.


Pray for Awatif Abdalla Kaki who was chained up in her home in Omdurman, Sudan, subjected to electrical shocks and had her four children taken away – for becoming a Christian earlier this year.


Pray that God will build His church in Sudan where there are estimated to be 2 million Christians. Conservative Islam still dominates society.


Pray that senior leaders in Hindu nationalist groups who oppose Christians in India will relent and call an end to their persecution.


Pray for a recently married Christian couple in India who were arrested at their wedding in Uttar Pradesh, along with nine pastors present (including the bride’s father). Hindu nationalists claimed the wedding was a ‘conversion event’.


Ask God to protect leaders such as Bishop Joseph D’Souza of the Good Shepherd Church in India who have been willing to speak out against anti-Christian violence.


Continue to pray for the review or repeal of anti-conversion laws which have now been passed in 12 Indian states. They are often misused to persecute Christians.


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