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Release International, Nigeria and Pakistan

📷 Nigeria

Pray for the families in Nigeria of the 13 people killed when militants raided several mainly Christian villages in the area bordering Plateau and Kaduna states earlier this year. Hundreds were left homeless.

📷 Nigeria

Stand with us in interceding for our brothers and sisters in north and central Nigeria, many of whom face intense persecution and live in constant fear of violent attack. Pray that Nigeria will become a model of inter-religious harmony.

📷 Pakistan

More than 15 years ago, Muslim relatives kidnapped the five-year-old son of Pastor Aziz in Pakistan: he has not been seen since. Pray that God will watch over Aziz’s son and reunite him with his parents.

📷 Pakistan

Thank God that Pastor Aziz and his family escaped with only minor injuries after a mob of more than 30 men tried to attack them in Balochistan province, Pakistan. A passing police officer rescued the family. Pray that God will provide a new home for the family as the mob seized their house.

📷 Pakistan

In Pakistan, the alleged killer of Javed Masih has threatened his family with violence if they press charges. ‘They know we are weak and cannot fight them,’ a relative said. Pray that Javed’s family will have justice and ask God to provide for them.

📷 Pakistan

Please pray for the family of Javed Masih in Punjab, Pakistan who was brutally killed by his boss for daring as a ‘lowly Christian’ to work for someone else. Javed sought work elsewhere after his boss refused him a loan to pay for his disabled son’s medical treatment.

📷 Pakistan

Please continue to pray for Christians in Pakistan charged with ‘blasphemy’ – including those like Asia Bibi and Pervaiz Masih, who have been acquitted. Their lives remain at risk from extremists, even though Asia is no longer in Pakistan. Pervaiz remains in Punjab.

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Heavenly Father, please bless and protect our brothers and sisters in Pakistan and Nigeria, and bless our sister's ministry. In Jesus's blessed and holy Name, I pray, Amen.

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