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Release International Prayer Requests, Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

Ask God to protect a residence for persecuted Christians needing sanctuary, which is run by a Release International partner.

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Sri Lanka

Pray that believers in Sri Lanka will overcome the strategies of the enemy to silence the church and be a strong witness to all those who need to hear the gospel.

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Sri Lanka

Thank God for our partner in Sri Lanka which is training lawyers across the country to defend Christians in cases where religious rights are violated.

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Sri Lanka

Pray for Pastor Chandrapala, a former Buddhist, who has faced stiff opposition to his church from his entire village. Locals have wrongly accused him of holding illegal meetings, even though his meetings are lawful.

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Sri Lanka

Christian children are often refused entry to state schools. Pray for the work of our partners and church leaders to help children overcome these barriers.

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Sri Lanka

Pastor Indrajith has received death threats and his church and congregation have been attacked by a mob. But praise God that some of his former opponents have become friends and even followers of Jesus.

Number of Prayers 38

Sri Lanka

Pray for Pastor Lalith, a former Buddhist monk who faces persecution, including from monks who were formerly his colleagues. His home has been attacked and his water supply cut off. .

Number of Prayers 43

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