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Release International Prayer Shields, Afghanistan and Nigeria

As we remember how Jesus’ friends mourned His death and no doubt pondered his promises about being raised to life, let’s stand with our persecuted family in Afghanistan as they pray for breakthroughs, deliverance and peace… and dare to hope.

Jesus’ death on the cross is the most powerful reminder of God’s willingness to sacrifice everything so that our relationship with Him could be restored. Pray that God’s unending love will overwhelm His people in Afghanistan – and everywhere they are persecuted.


Pray that the church in Afghanistan will continue to grow. Ask God to provide more workers for this difficult mission field.


Release sources say that Christians are now present in every one of Afghanistan’s 34 provinces. Pray that God will encourage these believers, especially those who have no fellowship with others.


Pray for the families of bride-to-be Martha Bulus and her two bridesmaids killed by Boko Haram near Gwoza, Borno state in Nigeria; the women were en route to the wedding. On that same day in December, eight other Christians were killed in separate attacks in the same area.


In Nigeria, student Ropvil Daciya Dalep was abducted in Borno state in January. A video released by his captors appeared to show he was killed by a child soldier. Pray for Ropvil’s family – and his killer.


In Kulben village, Plateau state, Nigeria, 13 Christians were killed in early January. The attackers, Fulani herdsmen, had reportedly lived peacefully alongside local Christians for years.

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