Release International Prayer Shields, Algeria

📷 Algeria Pray that recent state persecution of Christians will not succeed in stirring up negative feeling towards the church in the Algerian people more widely. 📷 Algeria Pray for wisdom for Algerian pastors who have been ordered to cease all church activities. 📷 Algeria Several churches in Algeria have been told they will be sealed in the future. Pray these threats will not materialise. 📷 Algeria The Government in Algeria recently ordered officials to investigate the finances of Protestant churches which it sees as spreading ‘destructive ideas’ from abroad. Pray that these investigations will not provide fuel for further persecution. 📷 Algeria When Christians protested peacefully outside provincial government buildings about church closures in Tizi Ouzou in October, 97 of them were violently arrested. Pray that the authorities in Algeria will recognise that Christians are a blessing to society, not a threat. 📷 Algeria Pray for Christians in Tizi Ouzou province in Algeria where many of the recent church closures have occurred. Three churches there were closed on one day in October. 📷 Algeria More than 11 churches in Algeria have been closed since a government crackdown began in November 2017. Pray that this persecution will end soon.

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