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Release International Prayer Shields, China

Children’s Prayer Sheet

It’s not only adults who can pray for our persecuted family. Every month we produce a prayer sheet aimed specifically for children. Each sheet has specific activities and prayers which will help children learn more about how persecution affects children in other countries. You can visit our Children’s Prayer Sheet page China

Thank God for the release in China of Uyghur pastor Alimujiang Yimiti after 15 years in jail in Xinjiang province. Pray for him and his family as they readjust to life together.


Pray for veteran democracy activist and Christian Zhu Yufu who was recently barred from visiting his terminally ill sister in Japan. He remains under house arrest in China after 16 years of detention at home and in jail.


Officials in China broke up five separate meetings of the Guangzhou Bible Reformed Church in May and interrogated church members. Pray for this congregation: their church was banned in 2018, their building confiscated.


Prominent Christian lawyer Li Heping and his wife, Wang Qiaoling, were forcibly evicted from their Beijing home in April. Pray that God will answer Wang’s prayer that they can ‘live and work in peace and contentment’.


Pray for Christian lawyer Yang Hua who has been fined £32,000 for buying and selling second-hand books. He is well known for defending Christian human rights cases in China, including that of Early Rain Covenant Church.


Pray for Xu Feng, principal of Maizi Christian Music High School in China, who was arrested in 2021 and charged with ‘illegal business operations’. His lawyer reports Xu is suffering allergies due to poor nutrition in jail.


Thank God that Pastor Pan Yongguang and 59 other members of the Shenzhen Holy Reformed Church in China (also known as the Mayflower Church), who spent months in exile in South Korea, have now been granted temporary

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