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Release International Prayer Shields, China and Viet Nam


Pray for Hmong Christians in Nghe An Province, Vietnam who are suffering intense persecution. Officials are putting huge pressure on animist relatives to drive Christians out of communities and confiscate their property.


Pray that Chinese President Xi Jinping will have a revelation of God’s love for him, repent and turn to Christ.


Pray that many young people in China will come to faith. Release International partner China Aid says millions of Christian children have been ordered to renounce their faith publicly.


Pray for lawyer Jiang Tianyong who has suffered torture, imprisonment and house arrest for his defence of human rights. His wife Bianling Jin fled China: they have been apart for nine years.


Ethnic Kyrgyz Christian Ovalbek Turdakun spent ten months from 2018 in a concentration camp in Xinjiang province, China. Thank God for the ways he secretly shared the gospel, despite intense surveillance (see Voice magazine, page 6).


Thank God for Peter Li, a former judge imprisoned in China for 14 years for trying to provide justice for the poor. He helped lead some 50 prisoners to faith in Christ.


Pray for Chinese Christian lawyer Chen Jiangang ( see Voice magazine, page 6). Chen was discredited for defending ‘dissidents’; his family were evicted and had to flee the country.

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