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Release International Prayer Shields, China, Nigeria


Pray that God will raise up good lawyers in China to defend prisoners of faith against false allegations.


Detained Chinese church elder Hao Ming was prevented from attending his mother Yin Zhixiu’s funeral in August. But praise God he had recently led her to the Lord in a video call.


Pray for elders Hao Ming and Wu Jiannan of Early Rain Qingcaodi Church in Deyang, China, who are detained and awaiting trial for ‘fraud’.


Pray for Pastor An Yankui and Zhang Chenghao of Zion Reformed Church, on trial in China for ‘illegal border-crossing’ after attending a conference in Malaysia in 2020.


Pressure has risen in China since new laws introduced in March banned the sharing of all online religious content that does not have explicit state approval. Pray that God’s word will spread regardless.


Pray that persecution will bring revival and significant church growth in China.


Praise God for work to bring the gospel to Boko Haram-controlled areas in Nigeria that has seen nearly 200 Muslim converts and a surge in demand for Bibles

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