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Release International Prayer Shields, India


A 200-strong mob in India raided a church in Roorkee, Uttarakhand state, beating Christians, and looting the building. A woman was taken to hospital in a critical condition. Pray for justice for Pastor Priyo Sadhna Porter and his congregation.


In India, Karnataka state officials are considering proposals to enact anti-conversion laws; some have even recommended withdrawing state benefits from those converting to Christianity. Pray that religious liberties will be upheld.


Pray for Pastor Somu Avaradhi who was charged with ‘outraging religious feelings’ after Hindu militants who occupied his church in Hubballi city, Karnataka, India accused him of forced conversion.


In India, anti-Christian attacks in Madhya Pradesh are said to have increased since anti-conversion laws officially came into force in the state in March last year . Pray these laws will be overturned.


Pray for 15 Christian families in Adnadhi, Madhya Pradesh, India. The village chief summoned believers – then ordered the Christians to abandon their faith or leave the village. A mob then pelted them with stones.


Continue to pray for India’s Government, led by the Hindu-nationalist BJP. Its attitude towards non-Hindus has emboldened extremists in several parts of the country to persecute Christians.


Thank God for the overcoming faith of Huldah who still worships and serves in the church she planted in India with her husband, Abraham. He was murdered for his bold witness in 2018.

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