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Release International Prayer Shields, India and Myanmar


Pray for Pastor Dilipsingh Vasunia Alirajpur who was charged with forced conversion after a mob raided his church in Madhya Pradesh, India and pressured police to press charges. The pastor was released on bail.


Please pray for Christians in India who are facing persecution even as they try to serve communities badly hit by the pandemic. Pastor ‘Raj’ and his team were trying to support people in a rural area when extremists attacked him, breaking his leg, and accused him of trying to convert people.


When Christians in India are attacked, they often drop charges against their assailants to show forgiveness. Thank God for this powerful witness and pray that their persecutors will be deeply moved by it.


Thank God for Christians in India who continue to have a steadfast faith despite persecution and the threat of violence.


Pray for believers in Myanmar with a passion for spreading the gospel, including church planters. Pray too for those involved in the country’s Bible schools, most of which are illegal.


Villagers who are experiencing hardship often blame Christians for their suffering, claiming they are ‘angering local spirits’. Pray that God will give wisdom, courage and grace to His people in Myanmar.


Chin and Karen people groups identify as Christian and are oppressed by the Government, as well as by local officials and tribal militias. Pray that God’s Spirit will move mightily among these groups in Myanmar.

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