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Release International Prayer Shields, Indonesia, Nigeria

13 May 2023 – Nigeria Fulani militants destroyed the home of the Bishop of Kanfanchan Diocese, Kaduna, Nigeria. He has condemned the state for failing his people. Ask God to protect and strengthen community leaders demanding justice.

12 May 2023 – Indonesia Pray for an Elim Church congregation in Indonesia which was barred from holding a service outside a city hall in Medan, North Sumatra, recently. The church had earlier been banned from meeting in a rented room in a shopping centre elsewhere in the city.

11 May 2023 – Indonesia In Cilebut Barat, near Jakarta, local residents barred the Batak Christian Church from worshipping in a private home. Pray for churches in Indonesia facing local opposition, including from extremist groups.

10 May 2023 – Indonesia Thank God for the surprise visit of President Joko Widodo, a Muslim, to two churches at Christmas: he called for ‘tolerant relations’ between different faiths in Indonesia.

9 May 2023 – Indonesia Pray for Christian apologist Gratia Pello who has not been seen since he was arrested in East Java in Indonesia in December. He is well known for his YouTube videos comparing Christianity with Islam.

8 May 2023 – Indonesia Thank God for the overcoming faith of Fenny, who survived the 2018 terrorist attack on Surabaya Central Pentecostal Church (see Voice magazine, pages 14-15). She has no bitterness towards the bombers, despite prolonged suffering.

7 May 2023 – Nigeria Merciful God, we pray for the persecutors of Your people in Nigeria – for Boko Haram terrorists, Fulani militants and other radicalised groups. We pray that You will open their eyes and convict the heart of every individual. Move them to turn away from violence and embrace the love of Jesus.

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