Release International Prayer Shields, Nigeria


Pray for the family and friends of Justine Patrick who was abducted and killed as he returned to Chaha village in Plateau state, Nigeria. His two companions, Daniel and Sele, managed to escape.


Thank God that church elder Ibrahim Garba survived being shot in the stomach and that his twin daughters, Hassana and Hussaina, were released three days after being kidnapped in Katsina state, Nigeria.


In October armed Fulani killed David Titus near Bang village, Adamawa state in Nigeria. The previous day, Kennedy Bitrus from the same village was attacked with machetes – but survived. Pray for justice for both men.


Pray for the safe release of Rev Polycarp Zongo from Jos, Plateau, Nigeria, who was kidnapped by Islamist militants in October. Pray also for the release of the two Christian women who were kidnapped with him.


Continue to pray for an end to kidnappings in Kaduna, Nigeria. Christian leader Bege Katuka was one of 22 people abducted in the state in September alone. Three people for whom ransoms had been paid were found dead.


Pray for a return to peace in southern Kaduna state in Nigeria where Fulani militants have taken over more than 100 Christian villages, displacing 50,000 people. Christians who have tried to return have been killed.


Pray for Christians at the Dunamis Christian Centre in Anyigba, Kogi state, Nigeria. After the church held a prayer walk, a mob raided their meeting, beating and shooting at people. A bishop and four pastors were among the injured.

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