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Release International Prayer Shields, Nigeria


Pray for an end to collaboration between Boko Haram extremists and Fulani gunmen in Nigeria. The two groups were suspected of a joint operation in which 72 villagers were abducted from Libera Gida, Kaduna, in April.


Pray for the release of Fulaki, wife of Pastor Ozigi Hassan of the Mercy Place Ministry Church, Kaduna, Nigeria. The couple and their children were kidnapped in April. Thank God police managed to rescue the pastor and his children.


Pray for Haske Baptist Church in Manini, Kaduna state, Nigeria, which Fulani gunmen attacked in April, killing a member of the congregation. Please pray for the safe return of four women, Charity, Rose, Alheri and Liatu, whom the gunmen abducted.


Please pray for Christians living in 12 northern states of Nigeria under Sharia: strict blasphemy laws attract harsh sentences.


Pray for relatives and friends of Rev Alphonsus Bello of St Vincent’s Church in Malumfashi, Katsina state, who was killed recently by suspected Fulani. Pray too for Rev Joe Keke, who was abducted in the same raid in Nigeria.


Between January and April, 2,200 Christians in Nigeria were abducted by jihadists who then demanded high ransoms, according to Intersociety figures. Pray for an end to these abductions, which appear to be an attempt to terrorise and impoverish Christian communities.


In the first four months of 2021, Nigeria ‘lost no fewer than 1,470 Christians… the highest number recorded since 2014’, according to Nigerian NGO Intersociety. Pray that grieving families will choose to stand firm in their faith.

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