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Release International Prayer Shields, Nigeria and India


Prayers For Our Persecuted Family.

Sometimes it can be difficult to know what to pray for our persecuted family so we produce a daily prayer shield which gives a specific need that you can pray for each day. You can see today’s prayer, plus those for the last 6 days, below. You can also sign up using the form above to receive our Email Prayer Alert which we send out whenever we become aware of a specific and immediate situation which requires urgent prayer.

Children’s Prayer Sheet

It’s not only adults who can pray for our persecuted family. Every month we produce a prayer sheet aimed specifically for children. Each sheet has specific activities and prayers which will help children learn more about how persecution affects children in other countries. You can visit our Children’s Prayer Sheet page here.


Esther lost three relatives when Fulani militants attacked Mallagum in Kaduna state, Nigeria: soldiers stationed nearby to ‘protect’ villagers are alleged to have joined in the assault. Pray for the families of all 29 people who died.


Pray that the Indian Government will have a change of heart and decide that religious liberty is the bedrock of a democratic society and act decisively to uphold it.


Pray that those who persecute Christians in India will come to know Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.


Pray for 13 Christian families in India recently expelled from their village in Chhattisgarh because they refused to deny their faith and embrace their former tribal religion.


Pray for justice for the 30 pastors believed to be detained in Uttar Pradesh, India, under false charges of forced conversion.


Hundreds of villagers armed with sticks and rods attacked a church in Narayanpur, Chhattisgarh state, India, accusing members of forced conversion. Pray that God will bring peace to this community.


Faithful God, we pray that You will empower Your people in Nigeria to persevere. They have experienced so much suffering and some wrestle with doubt and difficult questions. Assure them of Your love and show them that You are the God who suffers with them. Keep them in Your steadfast love.

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