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Release International Prayer Shields, Nigeria and Indonesia

18 September 2021 – Nigeria Please pray for encouragement and fresh resolve for the Nigerian church, facing threats from numerous groups, including Islamic State West Africa Province (ISWAP), Boko Haram and Fulani.

17 September 2021 – Indonesia Four Christian men were killed in Indonesia by suspected Islamist extremists at Sigi, Central Sulawesi, while they worked on their coffee plantation. Ask God to provide for their grieving families.

16 September 2021 – Indonesia Pray for the congregation of a church in Makassar whose building was targeted by suicide bombers on Palm Sunday. Twenty people were injured in the attack in Indonesia.

15 September 2021 – Indonesia Ask God to comfort and provide for the many villagers in Indonesia from Lembantongoa who fled after the November (see previous prayer) attack and have tried to resettle in other areas.

14 September 2021 – Indonesia Pray for Christians in Lembantongoa village in a remote area of Central Sulawesi in Indonesia, where a mob attacked several homes in November, brutally killing four people.

13 September 2021 – Indonesia Pray against the rise of several radical Islamist groups in Indonesia, including some linked to Islamic State. Pray that their plans will be thwarted.

12 September 2021 – Indonesia Ask God to renew a steadfast faith in the church in Indonesia where a number of recent attacks on believers have spread fear.

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