Release International Prayer Shields: Pakistan and Eritrea

Pakistan Pray for wisdom and protection for members of Trinity Pentecostal Church in Kala Shah Kaku, Pakistan which was recently vandalised due to a land dispute. Pastor Samuel Hadayat says the former owners of a plot the church bought last year are now pressurising him to sell it back.

Pakistan Pray for the family of Ashiq Masih, a Christian street sweeper in Pakistan who was killed recently when a police car struck him in Gujranwala, Punjab. His family were given the equivalent of £500 in compensation.

Pakistan Pray for justice for Christians who are routinely treated as second-class citizens in Pakistan: only non-Muslims are hired as street sweepers and rubbish collectors. At least 70 such workers reportedly died in Lahore alone last year, mostly in road accidents.

Pakistan Pray for ‘Hamza’, who was beaten up by the owner of the brick kiln in Pakistan where he is a bonded labourer because he led a Muslim co-worker to Christ.

Pakistan In Punjab, Pakistan, the Government has deployed only Christian workers to clean, serve food and administer medicines in hospital wards and quarantine facilities dealing with Covid-19, alongside more senior medical staff. Pray that these key workers will receive recognition rather than discrimination.

Eritrea Pray for Release’s partner in Ethiopia and for their work with Eritrean refugees. Praise God that their church community is growing so much that they are expanding their premises.

Eritrea Praise God for the faith of the ten-year-old daughter of Tsedal, an Eritrean widow living in north Ethiopia whose husband died in prison last year. The child had written to her dad: ‘We have a defeated enemy – Satan has already lost the war!’

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