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Release International Shields: India


Pray for Christians in Kondagaon, Chhattisgarh state, India, who are said still to be living in fear after a 3,000-strong mob damaged Christian homes in three villages last year.


Hindu nationalists are reportedly visiting villages in Odisha, India, to enforce the message that tribal people are Hindus, even if they practise animistic rituals, and stirring up ill will towards Christians.


Pray for six Christian families in Chichima village, Odisha, India, whose church was attacked by a mob, angry that they had turned their back on tribal religion. They were threatened with eviction if they reported the matter to the police.


In India, Pastor Lamani had burned Bibles and insulted Christians before he heard the gospel at 17 and became a Christian. Stand with him in praying for his persecutors who attacked him recently: ‘We are confident that the Lord will turn them towards Him.’


Pastor Devendhrappa Lamani was hospitalised in India after tribal animists assaulted him in Abbigeri village, Karnataka state. A mob also attacked him in January. They made false accusations of sexual assault against him because of his faith.


Madhya Pradesh has recently introduced a tough new law intended to deter Hindus from changing their religion – the harshest anti-conversion law yet to be passed in India. Pray for Christians there who, it is feared, will be targeted in abuses of this law.


The case registered against the four people in Uttar Pradesh, India, was the first in the district to be brought under the state’s tough new anti-conversion laws. Pray that this newly enacted legislation is not used to persecute non-Hindus.

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