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Sri Lankan Christians help neighbors who attacked them.



SRI LANKAN CHRISTIANS HELP THE NEIGHBOURS WHO ATTACKED THEM  A church in Sri Lanka that was attacked last September has now provided food for its neighbours – including the attackers.  Seven months after the incident, in which villagers turned on several congregation members, beating them and pelting them with stones and garbage, Sri Lanka was put under an island-wide lockdown due to Covid-19.  With most of the villagers in this church’s community being from low-income households, and the curfew forcing everyone indoors, they had no means of providing for their families – but the church, seeing this great need, stepped in to help. Thanks to Open Doors supporters, they received emergency food and aid that they could share – even with those who attack them.  Find out how your support is helping the local church to reach Sri Lankans with God’s love. PLEASE PRAY:  

  • That people will come to know the Lord through the forgiveness of these believers 

  • For God to supply the needs of Christian families and pastors in rural areas who are unable to support themselves 

  • Ask God’s healing for the victims of this attack; one of the women still needs medical attention, having suffered several blows to her spine. 

SOCIAL EXCLUSION IN VIETNAM In Vietnam, which is number 21 on the World Watch List, the Communist government monitors Christian activity and exercises a high level of pressure on all Christians. Believers from ethnic minority groups face the greatest persecution. Villagers collude with local Communist authorities, beating believers, throwing them out of their villages and stoning places of worship during meetings. In rural areas, they are being excluded when Covid-19 aid is distributed.  Open Doors supports the persecuted church in Vietnam through Bible training and discipleship, equipping and training believers, providing Bibles for adults and children (including in their tribal languages) and advocacy.   What is life like for believers in Vietnam? A prayer for Vietnam  Lord Jesus, thank You that the witness of believers in Vietnam is drawing more people to You. Strengthen and protect Christians who face violent opposition for following You; help them persevere in their faith. Bless the church in Vietnam, that believers would be living testimonies to your saving power. Amen.   With many thanks for your prayers.

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