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Acts 27:21 (NASB)

Men, you should have followed my advice.

What causes most of the storms, grief, suffering, and pain in our lives? Are the storms of life that buffet us Satan's fault? Who's responsible for the tumult, anguish, and despair that grips us?

This verse is a chapter in the great Apostle Paul's adventures and crusades where he and his shipmates were shipwrecked on the lovely island of Malta. Paul had cautioned the Centurion that if they kept sailing for Rome, the growing winds and gales would destroy them at sea. The Centurion rejected Paul's admonition and followed the ship's owner and captain's suggestion, and sailed right into a perfect storm.

All the sins, diseases, and catastrophes that befall us happen because somewhere in the past, we had not heeded God's warnings. Storms of life are sometimes God's megaphone. That's about the only way He can get our attention.

It will be smoother sailing for all of us if we heed the gentle advice of the Holy Spirit.

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