1 Corinthians 9:24 (NLT)

So run to win!

The world loves a winner, and ironically, so does Christ. That's probably where the similarity ends. The world's definition of a winner is entirely different from God's version. To win in this world, one has to accumulate as much as possible. But to succeed in the kingdom of heaven, one has to lose oneself (Matthew 16:24). Occasionally, God blesses and ordains His children to be the greatest in the world. Believers like King David or King Solomon, who were the most powerful rulers of their time, may serve as good examples. We are more like Stephen (Acts 6:5) than David or Solomon. But therein lies the genius of God Almighty. Each of us has to run only the race set out for us (Matthew 25:23). An invalid grandmother who's a prayer warrior fighting demons in prayer is no less of a winner than the evangelist preaching to the tribes in the Amazon or a believing Wall St. executive. God only holds us accountable for the vision and mission He has given us. So the next time you feel the world's passing you by, remember that you're a winner in Christ and run your race hard.

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