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World Watch's major reasons given for Christian persecution.


Please pray for persecuted Christians to be protected in the following areas.

World watch experts use nine broad categories to measure the source of persecution:

  1. Islamic Oppression – Any violent or non-violent action used to bring countries, communities, and households under Islamic control.

  2. Religious Nationalism – Using the country’s majority religion to imply Christians do not qualify as citizens.

  3. Clan Oppression – Instances where a clan or extended family ensures the ongoing practice of traditional values or belief systems by force.

  4. Ethno-Religious Hostility – When one ethnic group subjects another to hostility based on their religion.

  5. Christian Denominational Protectionism – Making one Christian denomination the only legitimate expression of Christianity in the country.

  6. Communist and Post-Communist Oppression – To monitor and control Christians and churches through a system based on communist values.

  7. Secular Intolerance – To eradicate Christian expression from public life and impose atheistic secularism.

  8. Dictatorial Paranoia – Persecution derived from an authoritarian government which does everything to maintain power, including tearing down organised groups like Christians.

  9. Organised Corruption & Crime – Gangs and criminal groups create a climate of anarchy and corruption for selfish gain. Christians will often speak out against them and become targets for persecution.

(Posting of World Watch's 50 most persecuting nations will begin again in a week.)

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