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Oct 18

Trying to Keep Score in Syria...


Edited: Oct 18

Can someone clarify who's who in Syria?


This is what I think I understand,

  1. Iran attacks Syria (petroleum processing plant/oilfields).

  2. USA is prepared to defend Syria, but allows Turkey to take the lead in the latter's defense. USA vacates Syria.

  3. Turkey may or may not do so, but used that opportunity to attack the Kurdish community within Syria.

  4. The Kurds reach out to Damascus and get support from them.

  5. Now, the Turks are fighting Syria (as the latter defends the Kurds); the very people they were supposed to defend from Iran.

  6. And Russia has occupied the newly vacant US bases.


Who is Russia there for? To help Syria (and, indirectly, the Kurds) defend against Iran & Turkey, or to aid Turkey in their objectives...?

Oct 18

Hi Saber, the US only pulled out of northern Syria. Also, Pence and Pompeo brokered a 5 day ceasefire to let the Kurds withdraw in return for no sanctions.

Oct 18

Not sure Saber. There seems to be serious skepticism in the US military that Syria will actually agree to the cease-fire. https://www.foxnews.com/world/turkey-syria-cease-fire-senior-military-source-highly-skeptical.

Also, the Russia-Syria nexus goes back some some decades starting with Hafez al-Assad, father of current President Basher al-Assad. Russia has always been anti-Israel and pro-Arab nations like Palestine and Syria. They've recently conducted airstrikes in support of the Assad regime even when he gassed his own people.



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