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Aug 4

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Aug 6

Thanks a lot Red! Please visit as often as you can.. Please invite some of our willing friends as well. See you soon🙂

Aug 12Edited: Aug 12

Miracles anyone? I love to see medically documented healing miracles, even documented raisings from the dead. But what bothers me is that we aren't seeing them much at all, and very rarely are healing the sick, casting out evil spirits and raising the dead as Messiah told us to do


Have you seen any medical miracles? Please share if so. Seen any demons cast out? Please share that, too, if so.


But again, why aren't we seeing such things commonly? It seems to me that we Christians mostly have hit and miss prayer lives. We see prayers answered in ways that we know could only be from the Father. But generally not all the time. And we may see actual miracles, but they are quite rare. I think Messiah's Blood paid for far more than that. What do you think?

Most of what I am seeing is on programs that televise the testimonies of such. For example Sid Roth's program. I have had several confirmations of what God has spoken to me from different people on such programs....example....God spoke to me last year that we would begin to see an increase in the appearance of angels. I shared that with members on the other forums but didn't get much response.

Just last week I was watching Sid Roth and his guest shared his testimony of angels and that we will be seeing more of them as people come to understand their importance and their purpose in our lives.

But I personally believe we should be experiencing more of His miraculous powers here on earth.

Another confirmation I received is about the AWAKENING....it is happening now....the great spiritual awakening......but so is the apostasy or the great falling away. They are happening simultaneously.... ..

Well that's all I have to say...

Well 1 more thing.....the trial by fire....if your faith hasn't been tested yet....it may be soon.

Hi Lorica, yes, I've experienced miracles. (I didn't get to a doctor for those, which had been healed already). For prayers where I definitely know what the outcome was, those being help I needed, or healing, or help for people very close to me where I know them very well, those have generally been answered (they are nearby enough to where I can find out what happened). It could be that sometimes people could pray for things that would not be for the best overall in the deeper, long run way, for the sake of someone's soul possibly, and then God in His wisdom would instead choose a way that allows that person to be saved in the long run, not given extra pleasant things right now, necessarily; but this is better said in the scripture than what I just wrote I think: all things work for the good for those that love the Lord. And we are told also by Christ what precisely is loving the Lord. I have not been someone that has prayed as often as it seems some others have...until only the last couple of years, and that is by realizing I should be praying the the prayer Christ gave us to pray each day. So, I've not most days (or not before only recently) being praying for other things -- I've tended to only pray when there is a pressing need that is sharp; maybe because that is what I saw in scripture: they were all pressing, sharp needs. But I have been lately begun praying more often for others, because there are many requests online. It's somewhat as if (as if before the internet) someone had sent a letter and it had been read at a gathering, and the letter requested prayer, and then some prayed. You might hear later what happened. It's good if you hear back from people what happened, which is only occasionally.



Aug 13Edited: Aug 13

Amen. That's a great way to start a discussion on the lack of miracles and Divine healing as Christ promised (Mark 16:17-18). Since this is such an important part of our faith Christian lives I'm starting a new blog titled "Miracles and Divine Healing". I'll also include some videos and testimonies regarding miracles, Divine healing, Angels among us and other supernatural manifestations. Peace in Christ.

Aug 13Edited: Aug 13

Here's the link to the blog: https://www.word-of-god.club/post/miracles-divine-healing-and-supernatural-manifestations?commentId=5d51d66a79f6870016c454a3&origin=notification&postId=5d47047d9cf9d9005a4eee44&replyId=5d51e1f479f6870016c454b3

I wish I could just click on it....I cant seem to copy it on my phone.

Here are some more documented medical miracles. A couple are probably a repeat of info given for CBN and Sid Roth.


A new book called Physicians' Untold Stories lists many doctors' reports about divine intervention they have seen in their practice. In one case a woman who had not walked for years, and who was on her death bed from multiple sclerosis. was prayed over. Suddenly the Almighty told her to "Get up and walk." That she did, with the sudden appearance of new muscles in her legs. She is now leading a completely normal, healthy, life.

And there is much more... Anyone: When you see the well documented miracles below, if you want to say "Anecdotes", sorry, I can't take you seriously. I'm quite sure that when you get your own medical or doctor reports that you say no such thing. If you can't tell the difference between anecdotes and medical reports, and scientific research, perhaps you should spend some time curled up with a dictionary.


See secular news reports about Val Thomas, dead for 17 hours but now alive and normal after prayers from her family and her Church. [MEDIA=youtube]sPHycsIdB1Y[/MEDIA] .


From mainstream t.v. there used to be a vid called Medical Marvel Beyond Chance, from a secular source, with a pediatrician giving his report. this one attesting to a dying child's healing which cannot be explained by modern medicine, and came after a relative laid hands on her and prayed for her. The doctor can be seen reporting that the DNA in every cell in her body was changed. The vid has been deleted, though.


See CBN's short vid with Dean Braxton. You'll hear his critical care doctor, rated the best patient care doctor in Washington state, saying "It is a miracle...a miracle..." that Braxton is alive, has no brain damage and is normal in every way. Why? He had no heart beat and no respiration for 1 3/4 hours! His family believed in divine healing and they and others were praying for him. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c3Zjt8r-hNA . Also see CBN Dr. Chauncey Crandall Raises A Man From The Dead. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s-7ZkleLu1w Part 1. This video is a bit faded but has the most complete information on this story.


Get Dr. Richard Casdorph's book The Miracles. There he gives medical documentation for miracles, mostly, but not all, from Kathryn Kuhlman's healing services. Casdorph came to Kuhlman's meetings to debunk her but turned into a supporter, as did other doctors. You can see him and other doctors in some of her healing services on YT. (She is now deceased.) Delores Winder is one of the cases documented in his book. You can watch her amazing story on YT with Sid Roth. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CfdG5czaUX0


The book The Audacity of Prayer by Don Nordin lists medically documented miracles.


On Andrew Wommack's vids you can see doctors talking about "miracles" too. At the end of the book Don't Limit God you see a medical statement by a doctor saying that his patient used to have M.S. and diabetes but is now cured.


Bruce Van Natta was in a horrific accident where he lost about 80% of his small intestine. Someone he didn't even know was told to get on a plane and lay hands on him and pray for him. His small intestines grew back competely and you can see his doctors testifying to that. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fYwFqeHBA28&t=5036s


Here we see many witnesses reporting donated food being miraculously multiplied for people who lived in a dump in Juarez. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gwsuYYIJ3Rg&t=7s



Then there is the Shroud of Turin. If you don't know, the Shroud is a blood stained linen burial shroud with the faint image of a crucified man on it. If you have heard that the Shroud was proven to be a Medieval fake based on carbon 14 testing, in the documentary Jesus And The Shroud of Turin you can see the very inventor of carbon 14 testing saying that the sample was invalid due to contamination. That vid is now only available (under $2.00) on Amazon in VHS forumat or you can get it on CD.


The vid demonstrates many miraculous features such as pollen from Jerusalem and faint images of flowers that are found only in the Jerusalem area during the spring, as at Passover when Messiah was crucified. With modern technology we also see that the Shroud has an x ray quality which reveals the bones and dentition of the Man on the Shroud.


There are many other vids on the Shroud, with scientific data, and here is just one:



In the 70s a NASA scientist noticed the Shroud's photographs had inexplicable, unique in the world, qualities. He got up a team of scientists, called STURP, to examine it in person in Italy. (No, the Shroud is not "just a Catholic thing" as the Vatican only came into stewardship of it fairly recently in history.) They used NASA, and other, high tech equipment with 100s of thousands of hours of research. Their findings are seen all over the net and were published in respected science journals.


The team was composed of 3 Jews, at least one agnostic and one atheist, and people of various faiths. They all agreed on these things: The Shroud image was not painted on, and they have no clue how it got there. It exactly matches, down to blood stains where a crown of thorns would be, the description of Messiah's death and burial as given in the Bible. The image could not be duplicated with modern technology.



About the Shroud I say "If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck and waddles like a duck, maybe it's a duck."


I pray that we all commonly see miracles in our lives and that we will be used of the Holy Spirit to perform miracles as much as He wants.




Aug 13

Amen. Praise the Lord!

I just recently viewed a video about a bible that keeps producing oil...


Heart2Soul Interesting vid. Don't really know what to think about it. I though that it would be a Roman Catholic thing, as they seem to be into reported miracles like that, but no that wasn't the case.

Hoping I'm not being too lengthy, I will share some experiences along the lines of the canker sore event.

Before I was even a believer, when I basically even made fun of the Bible, sometimes I would get desperate and pray. As the Bible says, we all really do know there is a Creator. Anyway, years ago my baby had a diaper rash and nothing I tried got rid of it. I prayed to know what to do and was inaudibly told to put her bare bottom where the sunshine could hit it. So I moved her crib near an open window and did that.

Now this was before the net, and no way I knew, as we can find out now, that sunshine has anti bacterial properties. And she was soon fine.

Now here is one about a parrot! I do believe the Father loves His animals, too. My parrot liked to sit on a shower rod where he could look down a hall and watch what was going on. One day I saw blood on the tub beneath where he sat. Very alarmed I took him to the vet who could find nothing wrong with him. Well, I prayed to know what to do.

The next day I was shown, again inaudibly, what the problem was. When he sat on my shoulder he had started to want to preen my hair. This bothered me for him because of hair spray so I would tap his wings, where they were clipped, as he did not like that, to discourage him.

Well, the Father showed me that where the wings were clipped the blood vessels were not too strong. So, when I tapped on them, and when he later went potty creating some pressure, the blood would drop out. When I told this to the vet she did not argue with me. Never tapped his wings again and never had that problem again.

Many times He has given me words of knowledge on health issues (and other things), usually leading me to natural things that helped.

As Mukkin asked rhetorically though, why aren't we seeing more answers to prayers, and bigger and better miraculous events? I think it has to do with the level of our faith. If we have faith for smaller things we get those smaller things. But some things are strongholds that require faith at higher levels.




I agree...He can meet us at the level of faith we have to receive from Him.

I rarely go to doctors...I seek Him to heal me.

In 2004 I received healing from allergies.....all my life I would suffer severe allergy attacks at the change of each season. It would get so severe that I always ended up with a major sinus infection and I would be so sick it hurt to move. One day I could feel an allergy attack coming on and I prayed Father would PLEASE heal me of my allergies?!

He replied back....if you quit calling them yours then I will.

I quit calling them mine and I have not suffered another attack since that day.

Not much of a miracle like some of what you posted but for me it was the greatest miracle! Lol

@Heart2Soul It's a better miracle than I had along those lines! I worked in the school system and used lots of manipulables with little kids. Consequently I was always getting sore throats, sinus infections and so on. 2 ENTs only put me on antibiotics which didn't help for long. When I sought the Lord He said "Listerine:" I took it to school even, and gargled with it 3 times a day and the problems stopped. But it would have been a lot simpler to just be healed the way you were!


I wonder if there is some way some of us here on this site can fellowship in ways that help us to get all the healings we need for ourselves and others. In my area I have seen no such fellowship in Churches or in Messianic congregations getting any kinds of results. In fact they don't even try for healings and rarely mention them.


I wonder if we joined together in prayer somehow in some certain ways.... Really I am kind of lost on any suggestions for how to procede but maybe someone else has some.

@LoricaLady when it comes to healing in my own body I simply tell my flesh it will NOT yield itself to any temptation from the enemy who desires to put sickness and disease on it.

If I do get anything in my body it's usually an injury.

In 2015 I fell down my stairs.....my foot slipped on the 1st step and my feet went up in the air and my body came crashing down so hard that it severed my right butt cheek muscle, severed the sciatic nerve and as I continued going down the entire staircase I injured my neck and have a bulging disc in my back.

I didn't work at the time (was in college) didn't have insurance, and didn't have money to see a dr.

For 3 years I couldn't walk more than 10 feet without suffering severe pain...if I pushed myself to walk my right leg would go totally numb and give out on me.

I finally found an income-based clinic that see me....did an mri and they only xrayed my back. Anyway, bulging disc was evident and they referred me to another dr.

Said I needed surgery, their surgeon refused to take me as a patient.

In the meantime I was trying to get a job...couldn't pass the physical.

I finally cried out to God....I said YOU are my HEALER! I should have come to you in the 1st place. Father, heal my body and make me whole again. In Jesus name.

So I began walking and when the pain would start I rebuked it and said you're a liar! I am healed!

After a month I could walk a half mile without pain.

Today, I can walk almost anywhere without pain, my butt cheek muscle is growing back together. (There was a 2 inch permanent gash across my right cheek that you could visibly see. It was 4 to 5 inches in length and 2 inches wide.) Now its only a couple of inches in length and about 1/2 inch wide.

My legs are equal in length again so I am not tilted anymore.

I still have pain in my neck occasionally but it is dissipating.

Oh and they did a cat scan on my head and found a small tumor. But it is gone too...by faith.

So that's how it works for me. I can't swear it works the same for anyone else. But bottom line is my faith in Him to heal me is very strong.

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Aug 14

Amen. May this be the forum where we join our faiths to beseech the Holy Spirit to break the stubborn faithlessness in believers hearts everywhere so that they too can start receiving the Lord's miracles. That story about the oil producing Bible was incredible. Praise the Lord!

Aug 19

Hey folks, this is just to let you all know that there's a "GIF" option at the bottom of your comment box on this forum. Click on the "GIF" tab at the bottom of your comment box and search for a suitable GIF. There's a lot of ungodly stuff, but some good ones too. So go ahead, and have fun🙂. For starters, I pasted a GIF of the resurrected Christ. Emoticons are still not available, but we can copy emoji's and add them here. There's also an option to upload your files as the bottom next to the GIF tab. Shalom😀.




Sep 18

Hi Sabertooth, welcome to the WOG Club! Given your caliber, I appointed you as a moderator. You can edit/moderate/delete/move posts. We only have one rule: preach without fear! Since you're already a member, please click on the URL: https://www.word-of-god.club/. Then click on the "Login" icon on the top right corner of the homepage. You can reset your password or assign yourself a new password. The menu is also on top right corner (Home, Privacy Policy, Blog, Forum, Members). Click on "Blog" for the content pages.


Hope to see you often and your contributions to Christendom!

" We only have one rule: preach without fear!"

@mukkin Since I recognize many of the existing members as Christians, I'm not sure how much "preaching" I can bring to the table, but I'm certainly willing to share the Word and whatever the Holy Spirit gives me and willing to receive the same.

Sep 18

@Sabertooth Thank you brother! I'm sure that in time the Lord will bring many unbelievers or struggling saints to the site. Let's shepherd them too. Please feel free to share any insights (politics, current events, etc.) relevant to Christians and the church on the blog which has separate categories on the top. Thanks again!

Hi Mukkin. I like your church site here.


Sep 18

Thank you brother. CF has more of a internet forum setting. I wanted to create a church home type of setting.


I've noticed that you've been commenting prolifically. Please keep contributing!

Hello everyone! Glad I could join in. :) It's very cool that you used Wix to make this website, mukkin. I like it!

Oct 18

Hi Multi, thanks for joining the Word of God Club. Your contributions are wonderful and valuable. You are missed here. Please come back soon!

Oct 18

Hi Jerry. Welcome to the Word of God Club! We are delighted to have you here. Please visit the blog page and the site policy page at your convenience to understand your privileges and to contribute. See you soon! Peace in Christ.

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