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1 pastor arrested, 1 under house arrest. Converted Imam threatened. Gospel workers persevere under pressure.

Pastor Dizzis Ramos’ public ministry has made him a target of government officials in his atheistic Communist country. He serves his local community through construction projects for elderly people in need. Earlier this month, he and another pastor were charged for allegedly falsifying receipts after they legally purchased cement for a construction project. Pastor Ramos was placed under house arrest and the other pastor taken into custody. They are also unable to reach the lawyer who has been handling their case. “Everything indicates that this is a trap to stop the work of Pastor Dizzis Ramos, who has made a great positive impact in the community where he pastors,” a front-line worker said. “This would be another of those unfortunate events that seek to limit the influence of the Cuban church in society."


Ahmed was training to become an imam when he heard someone calling his name, seemingly from above. When he looked up, he saw a man on a cross staring down at him. “When I saw that, I was not able to go to the mosque,” he said. “I returned home and didn’t attend mosque that day because I was really afraid.” Jesus appeared to Ahmed several more times over a period of years, even after he did become an imam. Ahmed described those appearances to the Muslims who attended his mosque, and they thought he was seeing demons. Eventually, Ahmed placed his trust in Christ. Because of his decision to follow Christ, Ahmed’s life is in danger. “I met some men of God who have been trying to hide me from those who are shooting at me to kill me,” he said.


Because of geographical isolation and the hostility of the government toward Christianity, Christians in Bhutan face pressure from many directions. However, front-line workers in Bhutan continue to live out their faith in Christ and reach out with the gospel. One gospel worker asked for prayer that their youth and women’s programs and training programs for Sunday school teachers will be adequately resourced. A church in central Bhutan is looking for a way to move from their cramped meeting space in a private home into a larger facility for worship. Another worker requested prayer for leaders engaged in evangelism in remote border areas.

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