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140 Christian children abducted in Nigeria last week need our prayers.

Please join us in praying for the safe return of more than 140 children who were abducted by gunmen from a Christian boarding school in Nigeria’s Kaduna state last week. The gunmen, suspected to be Fulani militants, overcame security guards and forced their way into Bethel Baptist boarding school on the outskirts of Kaduna city. They kidnapped most of the students who attend the school. It is understood that a few managed to escape.

  • Please pray for protection for all the young people who have been abducted. Ask God to comfort their families.

  • Pray that God will make a way for all those taken from Bethel school to be reunited with their families, and that others being held by militants in northern Nigeria will also be released.

  • Pray that the Nigerian government would recognise its responsibility to protect all its citizens whatever their religion and take action to end the attacks on Christians.


Thank God that our partner in India has been able to provide financial and practical help for ten families expelled from their village in Odisha state last month.

The families, which came to faith four years ago, are now having to live in the jungle.

After accepting Christ they stopped attending the rituals of worshipping in the village and started to attend a Christian worship service. Despite several threats have refused to renounce their faith in Christ.

In May locals told them that if they did not return to their old beliefs they would be expelled from the village. As they refused to comply they were forced out.

Because of Covid restrictions they have been unable to work and provide an income so are in a desperate situation. The support our partner has been able to offer has been vital.

(Sources include Release partners)

Please CLICK on the red button if you prayed.

I prayed!Please forward this email to Christian friends so that they can pray and act too.

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