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#20 in Christian persecution, Burkina Faso

20Burkina Faso

Thanks to ongoing political instability, the impact of Islamic militant groups has remained steady over the last several years. There were two military coups in 2022, which contributed to civilian deaths, but the number of faith-related violent incidents decreased in 2023 – though the danger has not truly subsided.

The country has one of the world’s most severe displacement crises – with many Christians among the displaced – and the military government has faced accusations of war crimes. With this backdrop, Christians attempting to follow Jesus in Burkina Faso must try to do so without any sense of security or safety, even in places where Islamic militants were previously unable to reach.

Burkina Faso used to be the epitome of religious cohesion, but Islamic militant influence has managed to erode much of the peaceful coexistence between Muslims and Christians. Now, in addition to facing violence and threats from Islamic extremists, Christian converts from Islam face increasing pressure and sometimes even threats from their families and communities.

Meet Habiba

“At prayer time, [the militants who kidnapped me] would gather everyone to pray. We couldn’t refuse or even hide. We were constantly surrounded by guns. They would kill you if you didn’t perform the Muslim prayers.”

Habiba (name changed), a Christian who was abducted by Islamic militants in Burkina Faso.

What does Open Doors do to help?

Open Doors works through local partners to strengthen Christians in Burkina Faso by providing persecution survival training, relief aid, and spiritual and trauma care.

Please pray

  • Ask God to heal the hearts and souls of those affected by abductions, sexual violence and death.

  • Pray that God would bind up the wounds of Christians displaced by Islamic militant violence.

  • Pray for wisdom for Open Doors local partners as they try to navigate a changing political reality and humanitarian crises.

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