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#29 in Christian persecution, Morocco

Country rank

29Last year’s rank



37 773 000Christians

31 300Main Religion



In North Africa if Christians talk to others about their faith, they risk arrest and prosecution. With this legal background, Moroccan converts from Islam to Christianity face intensive pressures both privately and publicly to renounce their faith.

Converts are punished with the loss of inheritance rights and custody of their children. In some circumstances, Christians are arrested and fined for nothing more than having a Bible in their possession, or for discussing Christian faith with a Muslim.

With Islamic extremists operative in the region, Christians face the threat of violent for their faith. In the public sphere, Christians become the targets for government interrogation, beatings or imprisonment. In work, they may be harassed by colleagues, or even made unemployed because of their faith. If their faith is known, many Christians are discriminated against in their job searches, and finding employment becomes almost impossible.

Distribution of Christian resources is restricted and Christians may suffer harassment, or even beatings and imprisonment if they are found with a Bible. Even online, Christians risk cyber harassment for their faith. The pressure from families and society can force Christians into isolation or relocation.

Please pray:

  • For tolerance of all faiths in North Africa and for Christians to have the freedom to gather together.

  • For those converts whose faith is known. Pray for jobs and support from family and friends.

  • For deepening of faith for Christians in North Africa, even when it is difficult to access resources.

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