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Much of the pressure on Christians in Russia comes from the government imposing restrictive legislation. Since the implementation of the anti-terrorist Yarovaya laws, the level of surveillance of all non-Orthodox Christian churches has increased. As a result, Christian activity is often under state surveillance, and church services are sometimes raided by security forces. Christian converts in the radicalized Muslim regions of the Caucasus face immense pressure from family, friends and local community to renounce their faith. Out of fear, converts often do not even attempt to go to church meetings. Some have been forced to flee or find refuge in safe houses. Recent examples of persecution At least 14 Christians were arrested, including four Christians who worked in a rehabilitation center for drug addicts and were sentenced to five-to-eight years imprisonment. Five missionaries in Chechnya were detained several times, harassed and later deported from Chechnya. At least 10 churches were attacked and/or forcibly closed. Population and number of Christian statistics: Johnson T M and Zurlo G A, eds., World Christian Database (Leiden/Boston: Brill, accessed April 2019). Pray for Russian Federation

  • Pray for guidance for Russia’s Christians so they may understand and comply with domestic laws—where doing so doesn’t conflict with their faith—while carrying out their evangelistic activities.

  • Christian activity can be under state surveillance, and church services are sometimes raided by the security forces. Pray for the safety of church members when they are arrested and interrogated by the police.

  • The recent strain on relationship between Russia and the West has led to greater suspicion of Protestants who receive support from foreign organizations. Pray that such ties won’t hinder the process of new Protestant churches receiving their official registration with the government.

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