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#5 in Christian persecution, Pakistan

SCORE88 REGIONAsia PERSECUTION TYPEIslamic oppression RELIGIONIslam PERSECUTION LEVELExtreme POPULATION208,362,000 CHRISTIAN4,052,000 GOVERNMENTFederal Parliamentary Republic LEADERPrime Minister Imran Khan PROFILE OF PERSECUTION Violence 16.7/16.7Church Life 13.5/16.7National Life 14.9/16.7Community Life 15.1/16.7Family Life 14.2/16.7Private Life 13.9/16.7 How the scoring worksDownload country dossier with in-depth research What does persecution look like in Pakistan? What is life like for Christians? Christians in Pakistan face extreme persecution in every area of their lives. Believers who have converted from Islam face the greatest levels of persecution, but all Christians are considered second-class citizens in this strongly Islamic country. They are given jobs perceived as low, dirty and dishonorable, and can be victims of bonded labor. There are some Christians among the middle classes, but they are still considered inferior to their Muslim counterparts and often face severe workplace discrimination. Christian girls are at risk of abduction and rape, and are often forced to marry their attackers and coerced into converting to Islam. Pakistan’s notorious blasphemy laws are used to target Christians, and Islamic extremist groups vehemently “defend” these laws, including attacking or killing those believed to have contravened them. Christian churches do exist, but those that are active in outreach face severe persecution from society. What has changed in Pakistan? Pakistan remains one of the hardest places to live as a Christian, and violent persecution against Christians and church buildings continues to be particularly bad. Who is most vulnerable to persecution? All Christians are at risk of persecution in Pakistan, particularly those from a Muslim background. What does Open Doors do to help Christians in Pakistan? Open Doors raises prayer support for persecuted believers in Pakistan. Population statistic: Johnson T M and Zurlo G A, eds., World Christian Database (Leiden/Boston: Brill, accessed February 2020).

Pray for Pakistan

  • Pray for courage for Christians in Pakistan to speak about their faith, despite their fears that their words may be used against them. Pray for wisdom for them, and that God will give them the right words to say.

  • Pray for protection over Pakistan’s churches, especially around holidays such as Christmas and Easter, when terrorist attacks have happened in the past.

  • Pray for protection for young Christian women and girls. Pray for those who have already been abducted and forced to convert and marry, that God will comfort them and give them strength. Pray they will know His love, even in their terrible circumstances.

Stories from Pakistan March 3, 2021 Kidnap ‘two girls a day’: The shocking agenda of Islamic extremists Read More - February 9, 2021 China’s AI surveillance spreads—and Christians brace for terror Read More - January 18, 2021 13 Christians murdered for following Jesus—every day Read More -

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