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Acts 9:5 (NIV)

Who are you?

Tragically, humanity has been asking God that question since creation. It wasn't supposed to be that way. Adam and Eve were in perfect communion with God and knew exactly who He is (Genesis 3:8-9). But since Adam's sin and alienation from God, humanity has lost all touch and contact with God. Although God made Himself known through His creation (Romans 1:20), humankind chose to ignore the immortal and invisible God and worshiped their imaginations and creations (Romans 1:22). Men chose to establish religions that glorified themselves, not the omnipotent creator. But even amid all that sin and carnage, God had been drawing out seekers unto Himself (Ecclesiastes 3:11). Those that truly sought God found Him. And those that found Him were transformed. Men who seek God must realize that God is sovereign and does what He pleases. Those that can bow down to their creator are glorified as sons (Hebrews 2:10), and those that don't are damned (Rev 12:7-10).

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