Matthew 28:6 (NLT)

Come, see where His body was lying.

When people scoff at the resurrection, I ask them only one question. Where's the body? If you don't believe God exists, show me the Nazarene's decayed body! If we all came from monkeys and apes and resurrection and miracles are not in the Bible, show me His bones!

The Pharisees cleverly invented a ruse that the prisoner's body was stolen by His disciples (Matthew 28:13). But here's the thing, even that stolen body had to be buried in an unmarked grave someplace. The Jews were very meticulous about burial rituals. Even criminals were given proper burials, and all graves were properly marked per Jewish law.

So, where's the body?

This was a line of argument that I used to evangelize while debating atheists and pagans at Virginia Tech.

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