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I have made you (Isaiah 46:4).

Both theistic evolutionists and atheists believe that man was not made but evolved from a lower form of life. Atheists say no God exists and man evolved through random chemical processes from lower life forms. Theistic evolutionists say God can create man and life supernaturally but does not violate His natural laws and guided man's evolution from lower life forms. As spiritual as it may sound, it lacks one key ingredient for a saint, faith (Hebrews 11:3). Once we eliminate faith, Christianity is not much different from atheism or philosophy, except that theistic evolutionists acknowledge, if not worship, a sovereign God. Darwinian and theistic evolution conveniently replace the need for faith in a sovereign God. Instead, they rely heavily on reason, logic, deduction, and experimental observation. However, such methods are incomplete and inaccurate, full of assumptions, simplifications, and approximations. The question that every believer, theistic or creationist, needs to ask themselves is, do we believe that He can do this (Matthew 9:28)? If we do, then we have to believe that He made us supernaturally from dust and did not need the help of His created nature.

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