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Ezekiel 12:11 (NIV)

I am a sign to you.

The marvel of Christianity is that a Man was and still is a sign to us. People constantly clamor for evidence of the supernatural (Matthew 16:4, 1 Cor 1:22) so much that Satan's busy performing counterfeit miracles (2 Thessalonians 2:9). People want complex miracles and cataclysmic events as proof of God's existence. But in their search for the cosmic and supernatural, they forget the simplicity of God's methods. God gave us Christ as the sign of His irrefutable existence. But the ludicrousness of that simplicity enraged the Jews enough to temporarily destroy that sign (John 2:19). We don't witness the signs, miracles, and wonders that the Apostles performed 2000 years ago anymore. That's because we have the only sign we need, the Son of God living in us. Evangelical preaching should concentrate on the only sign that matters, a dead man who walked out of the grave alive and who is the Son of God.

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